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COVID-19 Update, our Team has been vaccinated with a valid government certificate available online here: pacjent.gov.pl or on a print version. Our team is taking government introduced guidelines for safety at work with a 100% positive attitude and outcome.

Who we are:

FHUAM was established in 2018 in Poland it is a family business operated by the Wife and husband team where Mrs. Anna is responsible for accounting, book kipping, and Team Management. Mr. Oscar is our dedicated Project Manager and Key Customer contact person.

Mission facts:

Our mission from the start is to support the US Army presence in Poland as well as key large commercial projects subcontracted to the private sector. We specialize in delivering commercial goods from small parts to large bulk equipment and sanitization, cleaning supplies, etc.:

  • Bedding and bed sheet sets supplies.

  • Tech and Hardware parts for IT and Tools.

  • Storage containers and toolboxes.

  • Kitchen supplies.

  • Bath and Laundry supplies.

  • Portable AC (Air Condition) units and parts.

  • Parts for Plumbing, Constructions side tools and parts, Electrical parts, tools, and materials.

  • Cleaning supplies and personal care supplies.

Our delivery times are from 1h to 72h (on working days, special deliveries may take longer subject QRF) – we provide at all times tracking for delivery, supervision, and insurance with a 1-year warranty for parts and tools. After-sales support with returns or recycling of electrics and fabrics.

We require upfront payment for orders over $100.

Accepting all bank cards, Apple pay, cash, and currency.

Services provided by FHUAM:

Apart from parts and supplies delivery we also provide services that may be required at site or camp.

  • Construction, Plumbing, Electrical maintenance,

  • Sanitizing, disinfection, deratisation, wash bay.

  • Linguists and Interpreters.

Our goal is to provide professional and on-time service to critical mission objectives. We understand the challenges of language and cultural barriers. Our dedicated team has been working closely with US Army for the past few years. Achieving the highest possible recognition of customer satisfaction.

Health and Safety

During pandemics, we have improved our safety systems allowing for our team to work safely in remote areas of Poland providing services to our customers. Our track record shows ZERO incidents from 2018 till 2021. Our team has been vaccinated in 2021 with two doses of Pfizer vaccine.



Mr. Oskar Mroczkowski

Title: Customer Services / Project Manager

Email: oscar.fhuam@gmail.com

telephone: +48 500 809 005

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